Why Emporium Awnings?

A smart investment with a vast fabric selection for light management without blocking your view. Elevate any space into a stylish design feature with awnings that offer protection from the elements. Choose from manual or motorised options and discover how awnings can also keep your pool cool.

  • Automatic Awnings
  • Caribbean and Carbolite Window Awnings
  • Wide Fabric Range
  • Fixed Frame Awnings
  • Folding Arm Awnings
  • Pivot Arm Awnings
  • Straight Drop Awnings
  • Ziptrak Awnings

Advantages of Awnings

  • Effectively block heat from entering your home, keeping it cool and comfortable.
  • Lower energy bills by reducing the need for excessive cooling.
  • User-friendly operation for easy adjustment to your preferences.
  • Create ideal shade solutions for every space, ensuring comfort whether you’re by the pool or enjoying a BBQ.

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