Contemporary and Convenient

Our Motorised Blinds bring future-thinking to your home or commercial building, with huge range of options for Roman, Roller and Vision Blinds.

All of our Motorised Blinds operate quietly, without intruding into the life of the family, work team or sleeping babies. Management of multiple blinds in larger installations revolutionises the control process and simplifies control of light levels within a space. Take control of your blinds with a number of options and designs to suit your unique style.

Easy to Operate

Operation may be via an easy-to-use remote control units (powered by lithium rechargeable battery or A/C mains) can operate multiple blinds on large modern windows or in sections across a large work space.

Easy to Operate

Do away with all those cables, cords and other painful blind controls. Having control of your blinds at your fingertips is not only convenient, it will make you home a less hazardous place for the entire family. View our catalogue


Innovative Motorised Blinds are:

  • Affordable, contemporary technology for the modern home or office
  • Streamlined for enhanced aesthetics
  • Simple and convenient, perfect for people with limited mobility
  • Child-safe as operating cords and chains are no longer necessary
  • Offer battery operation or mains-powered options
  • Operated with a remote control