Ziptrak Awnings & Blinds

Innovative and Secure

Emporium Ziptrak® Awnings are operated with a simple pull/push movement. Specially designed tracks on both sides enable this external blind to glide smoothly and easily, stopping where you want.

Secured and locked in the down position, our Ziptrak® awning guards against high winds and UV protection without messy buckles or zips. A new lock release mechanism in the centre of the blind assures easy release, coupled with a pull stick and optional handle to avoid the need to bend down.

Innovative Ziptrak® Awnings:

  • Have no zips, straps, ropes or pulleys
  • Remove gaps at either side to secure against flapping
  • Secure locking and lock release systems ensure safety with ease of use
  • Offer hi-tech solar fabric options for UV protection, PVC clear pr PV tinted
  • Include motorised or manual operation
  • Provide a taut, flat surface, ideal for corporate signage

Energy Efficient

Emporium’s Ziptrak® Awning maintains comfortable temperatures all year round, combined with protection from winds, dust and rain. You can extend your outdoor lifestyle, reduce energy use and expand the liveable space within your home or work environment.