Straight Drop Awnings

Stylish Quality

Emporium Straight Drop Awnings offer an attractive range of possibilities for enclosing entertainment areas, verandas, patios and pergolas. Available in a range of fabrics, these are stylish alternatives to traditional verandah suit everything from backyard areas to large restaurant all-weather dining facilities.

Versatile and Efficient

Our Straight Drop Awnings are either spring loaded or geared, depending on the use of the space being considered. Each style provides excellent protection from the elements and enhancing the comfort of those occupying the shaded area.

A crank handle operates the Geared Blind, which exudes a stylish look and effectively adds an extra room to your home.

Innovative Straight Drop Awnings:

  • Come in two models: spring-operated or gear-operated
  • Suit different styles of entertainment or open areas
  • Are fixed at the bottom or free to extend to any length drop
  • Feature canvas, mesh or acrylic fabrics in attractive colours and patterns
  • Feature PVC (clear or tinted) for geared blinds
  • Are safe for children and highly energy efficient
  • Increase your liveable space and comfort levels


Amazing Range

Spring blinds and Geared blinds are available in mesh, acrylic and canvas fabrics. Geared blinds also come in clear or tinted plastic.