Fixed Frame Awnings

Caribbean and Carbolite

Iconic and attractive

These iconic awnings are sometimes called Caribbean Awnings, decorative aluminium awnings that sit over doors or windows, with optional sides, mitred corners and post support to create a patio area.

Customise the shape, material, colour and pattern

Our Fixed Frame Awnings can be colour-matched with any ColorBond shade to coordinate guttering, window frames and walls.

These awnings are customised to any size and come in a range of shapes to best complement the external look of the building.

Sturdy and Reliable

Emporium Fixed Frame Awnings are sturdy to endure any weather (perfect for Caribbean and Australian conditions). They are reliable (won’t fold up or blow around) and permanently fixed to the wall, enhancing otherwise plain exteriors for commercial buildings as well as residences.


Your Emporium Fixed Frame Awnings:

  • Come in a huge range of materials and colours
  • Can be matched to any ColorBond shade
  • Provide year-round sturdy shelter from UV rays, wind and rain
  • Perfect for residential or commercial use
  • Add attractive detail to doorways or windows