Folding Arm Awnings

Eye-catching and easy-to-operate

Emporium folding arm awnings bring a subtle design element to your outdoor space, fitting perfectly into garden, leisure and pool settings.

Choices between open, rain cover/ encased blinds offer the best solution to suit any space or opening.
Open variety awnings feature the traditional scalloped fabric edging for a carefree summery look. Rain cover / Encased variety awnings have a sturdy streamlined front profile that fits neatly into the roller with rounded ends and rain gutter.

Our awnings are easy to operate with high quality fabrics representing a range of colours and patterns.

XXL Folding Arms for narrower spaces

Our XXL Design Folding Arm Awning has two arms that overlap in two planes, perfect for narrower openings where a large drop is needed. This feature is available for Open, Encased or Rain Cover type awnings.

Accessories for greater comfort

Equip your Emporium Folding Arm blind with these extras to enhance your investment.

  • Support legs
  • Lighting strip
  • Patio heater
  • Sun and wind sensor
  • Radio remote control


Pitch Adjustable option

As the earth moves throughout the day and the angle of the sun’s rays changes, just smoothly adjust the awning with an additional gear mechanism. The range between 5° and 58° provides ultimate comfort and sun-safety for you.