A Glimpse Through Glass: The Captivating Window Treatment Trends Dominating 2023

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Selecting the perfect window treatments for your home plays an essential role in helping it to look at its very best. However, knowing which window treatments to select for your home can seem like a challenging task. Staying up-to-date with the latest window treatment trends is an excellent way to find the ideal choice for your rooms.

So, what are the captivating window treatment trends that are dominating 2023? Here, we will reveal all you need to know and help you find plenty of valuable inspiration to transform your home with beautiful window treatments.

Practicality Meets Elegance With Panel Blinds

Introducing panel blinds to your home is absolutely guaranteed to elevate its appearance. This on-trend window treatment offers endless opportunities for personalisation.

Panel blinds offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the screen doors Central Coast homeowners love. The beauty of panel blinds is their ability to look stunning in either a contemporary or traditional home. Whatever your home décor style, you can be sure that a panel blind will suit your windows.

Choose panel blinds to frame your windows in the most stylish way by using a coordinating pattern to match your décor. From a practical perspective, your panel blinds will keep glare at bay and ensure privacy from the outside world as you relax at home.

Plantation Shutters: A Timeless Choice

Plantation shutters have enjoyed immense popularity for many years. Choosing plantation shutters offers the distinct benefit of elevating your home’s appearance not just on the inside but also from the outside, too. This gives your home’s curb appeal a significant boost and can even increase the value of your property.

This is a window treatment that not only has a timeless appeal but also delivers on the practical side of things.

Selecting plantation shutters enables you to fully control the light levels in your room while also cutting down on outside noise. Your plantation shutters can also play a crucial role in making your home energy efficient. Your shutters can help by providing shade in the summer and keeping warm air inside in winter.

Combining plantation shutters with curtains offers a beautiful finished look for your home. The contrast between the sleek, structured appearance of the plantation shutters and the softer, flowing effect of the curtains is a perfect pairing. Mixing hard window treatments with soft ones will bring added interest and depth to your room. Your windows will forever be a stunning focal point in your room when you pair plantation shutters with curtains.

When shopping for your plantation shutters, you will be pleased to know that we offer an excellent choice. At Emporium Blinds, we stock basswood plantation shutters featuring a beautiful natural wood finish. While our paulownia plantation shutters boast termite resistance and an ability to withstand moist environments. If you would like an eco and budget-friendly choice of shutter, our EcoSmart plantation shutters are ideal and work well in rooms with high humidity levels. Our Emporium Blind’s aluminium plantation shutters can be used externally thanks to their hard-wearing, easy-clean finish.

Sleek and Stylish Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds remain one of the most popular choices of window treatment. However, in the past, these blinds were not known for their aesthetic appeal. This was mainly due to the untidy cord pull, which often became tangled, and slats that were easily damaged. Thankfully, Venetian blinds have transformed beyond recognition in more recent years, helping them to enjoy enduring popularity.

The functional design of Venetian blinds makes them perfectly suited to either a home or office setting. Wherever you place your Venetian blind, you can be sure that it will instantly upgrade the look of the window while enhancing the room.

Our custom-made Venetian blinds are tailor-made to fit your room in terms of size and style. Venetian blinds from here at Emporium are made from a choice of wood, wood alternative, or aluminium. Timber Venetian blinds are especially on-trend right now, and you will see them gracing the pages of interior design magazines.

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