Panel Glide Blinds

Chic and Stylish

Emporium’s panel glide blinds are an innovative window dressing solution for larger windows and patio doors, bringing style to both contemporary and traditional settings.

Panel blinds can also form a stunning room divider to create new living spaces within the home and to enhance areas that were formerly under-utilised.

Creative and Personalised

Mix and match different colours, prints, patterns or textures to make a statement about your space, whether bold or subtle.

Each installation of panel glides is unique according to the tastes and requirements of our clients. Even when open, panel glides are a useful screen as they stack neatly behind one another, forming an impressive frame for the window or room while providing light control and privacy.

Panel blinds are an ideal choice for those who want to make an impact and add something a little different to their interior design scheme.


Eyelets, braids, flowers or vision panel blinds create a customise design statement as well as a high-quality window furnishing. You can even choose split or side opening to further individualise the finished product. See our Catalogue for the full range


Innovative Panel Glides are:

  • Versatile, contemporary solutions for window dressing and control for light, glare, view and privacy
  • Stunning room features to divide spaces within the home
  • Make a strong design statement incorporating multiple colours, prints, patterns or textures
  • Fold neatly when open and close seamlessly when needed
  • Available as side or split draw to perfectly suit your space
  • Long-lasting, energy efficient and child safe