Thinking of updating your house with a brand new window treatment? Three reasons why plantation shutters are a good choice for your Central Coast home.

White Plantation Shutters

Ah, Plantation shutters. Multi-functional and with classic good looks, humble plantation shutters have never gone out of style. For all the blinds, curtains, shutters, and awnings we proudly install, we know that plantation shutters remain a favourite on the Central Coast.

A Lil’ History of Plantation Shutters – Popular since Ancient Times!

Plantation shutters actually date back to ancient Greece where they were made from marble. While they couldn’t be opened or closed, they provided light and ventilation while keeping occasional rain showers out. Onwards to Tudor England where plantation shutters were crafted from wood and became openable for the first time. Eventually, the design was imported to the Southern Colonies in America – from where they take their name. Plantation shutters are still used for the same reasons as they were back in ancient times: to keep light out and ventilate a room. We are so lucky on the Central Coast with our year-round sunny weather and occasional hot spell. Plantation shutters are an ideal way to insulate your glass windows and give you total control over the light, shade, and air flow in your home.

Will Plantation Shutters Suit my House?

One of the things WE love about plantation shutters is that they suit almost any interior design. They can be customised with a range of colours and materials, including classic basswood, sustainable Paulownia timber, affordable Ecosmart (polymer), and aluminium.

They are versatile

Plantation shutters add an earthy touch to a minimalist or modern interior and fit like a glove to airy coastal homes with lots of natural light. In traditional country houses they freshen the space with a chic, symmetrical finish. And they pair well to interiors with more rustic vibes.

They look great in any colour or material

Wooden plantation shutters are chic, classic and classy. If your style is earthy and natural, it’s hard to go past the classic look of raw wood fnish. You can also keep it simple with neutral shades or add contrast and show off your flair for design with an unexpected colour. If budget is a concern, our Ecosmart shutters are an affordable, sustainable solution that work especially well in wet or humid areas such as bathrooms. Our weather-resistant aluminium shutters are ideal for outdoor areas. Use them inside for a modern, industrial update to your interior.

They can be customised to fit any size of window

Got a sunny alcove window that needs some extra shade? Planation shutters add a functional and stylish splash to your room without drawing too much attention. They also look great as a shade solution for sunny balcony doors and other entrances, transforming the whole space and your home’s aesthetic in style.

Plantation shutters are functional, durable, and give one room or your whole home a timelessly chic update. We know that’s why plantation shutters remain one of our most popular treatments in the Central Coast and Newcastle area.

If you’re still not sure whether they are the right choice for you, drop into our showroom or get in touch for a consultation. We are the experts in custom installation and take pride in finding the perfect solution for your home – whatever your budget or vision shutters are a good choice for your Central Coast home.