Perfect Harmony: Elevate Your Interior with Curtains and Blinds on Central Coast

curtains and blinds

Are your interiors lacking a bit of style or substance? They look okay, but no one is happy with just “okay”. You want to take them to the next level; elevate them to interiors you’re proud of.

Elevating your interior is possible in a bundle of ways. However, Emporium Blinds is here to show you how to do it with curtains and blinds. We have some amazing suggestions that’ll give your interior the spark it’s desperately waiting for.

Pick the right product for each room

The first step to elevating your interior with curtains and blinds is choosing the right product for the right room.

For example, if you want to renovate your living room, it’s a good idea to look into some beautiful blinds. We sell window blinds on the Central Coast in plenty of varieties for you to choose from. They bring the perfect blend of style and privacy to a living area. Plus, blinds let you adjust the lighting to bring just enough natural light to the interior living space.

Alternatively, for bedroom interiors, you want to up the privacy and block out as much light as possible. Luckily, we provide curtains and blinds on the Central Coast that pair nicely together here. The blinds can add a unique sense of style while the curtains block out light and provide more practicality.

Go through every room in your house and consider what works best in it. Do you need window blinds, curtains, shutters – or a combination?

Choose a colour or style that matches the interior design

Do you have a very monotone and contemporary interior? If so, you can use curtains or blinds to take it to the next level. Pick some lovely Venetian blinds on the Central Coast in a white or off-white colour. This blends perfectly with your main interior design and accentuates the modern look you’re going for.

The same goes for any other interior design style – pick a colour or design that goes well with it when buying blinds and curtains. We find curtains are fantastic here because there are so many designs and colour varieties. If you need help picking the right ones. Emporium Blinds is more than happy to help.

Select the perfect length for Your Curtains and blinds

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your curtains or blinds are if they’re the wrong length. Curtains that stop a couple of inches above the window sill look silly and detract from the beauty of your interior. Likewise, if they’re too long it can make the whole room feel out of balance.

Thankfully, we offer a free measure and quote service when you buy curtains and blinds from us on the Central Coast. This means we come to your house and measure the windows to ensure your blinds fit perfectly. As a result, you don’t have to worry about something making your interior look less classy.

The same goes for curtains – we measure and fit them for you, but you need to decide what length you like the best. Typically, there are four lengths to opt for:

  • Floor-length curtains
  • Floating curtains – these sit just above the floor
  • Window sill curtains – these sit just above the window sill
  • Below the window sill – these sit just below the sill, but only by a couple of inches

Each length can look good in your home – it depends on the room in question and the interior design look you’re going for. Generally, the longer the length, the more classic the look. Shorter lengths are seen in modern homes rather than older ones, so keep that in mind.

Combine multiple features for a grand effect

Instead of settling for curtains or blinds, you could combine the two. We often sell plantation shutters with curtains to our customers because they go so well together.

As a leading provider of plantation shutters on the Central Coast, we love how bold and contemporary they look. It’s like having a set of blinds but with an extra sprinkling of quality. But, they look even better when bought with a set of curtains. Draping the curtains over the shutters or tying them to the side gives a very artistic look and feel to your interior.

Why settle for one feature when you can add two?

If you’d like help or guidance when elevating your interior with curtains and blinds, get in touch with us today. The Emporium Blinds team is more than happy to provide suggestions, carry out measurements and install everything you need to improve your home.