The Benefits of Plantation Shutters on the Central Coast

plantation shutters

Homeowners across Central Coast are becoming increasingly enamoured with plantation shutters. These classic window coverings are very much in vogue.

But why?

Well, you are about to find out. This post explores some of the unique benefits of plantations for residents of NSW’s third-largest urban area. Let’s take a look.

High-Quality Construction – Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are often made of the highest quality materials. For instance, Emporium sells shutters made from paulownia, the wood species with the best strength-to-weight ratio in the world, naturally resistant to rot, decay, termites, fire, and salt. We also have aluminium versions for those looking for additional strength. For this reason, they last a long time and don’t require as much maintenance as other window coverings.


Plantation shutters can also help block noise from traffic, music, and roadworks. Thick wood shutters absorb sound energy, transmitting it within their internal structures, causing it to dissipate.

Reducing noise pollution can bring a host of benefits, including:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Improved ability to concentrate
  • Reduced irritability

Higher Home Valuations

Installing plantation shutters with curtains from Emporium can add value to your home, too. Buyers appreciate practical and attractive window coverings pre-installed and are often willing to pay a premium for them. Higher home valuations are always welcome.

Remember, you can combine plantation shutters with Venetian blinds Central Coast to increase home saleability even more.

Complementary Colour Schemes

Plantation shutters in Central Coast can also complement your home’s existing colour scheme. Paint them any colour you like to go with your existing décor, whether you want a contemporary, boho, or classic look. Emporium’s EcoSmart shutters are fade-resistant and maintain their colour over the long term.

Improved Temperature Control

Like Venetian blinds in Central Coast, plantation shutters can also improve interior temperature control. Blinds help to keep warmth inside during the winter and prevent cool air from AC from escaping in the summer by acting as an additional insulating layer over your windows. Estimates suggest that shutters can stop up to 50 per cent of heat loss versus raw glazing.

Better Light And Breeze Control

Similar to window blinds in Central Coast, plantation shutters also offer exceptional light and breeze control. Units let you adjust the amount of natural light and airflow entering the room by adjusting the louvres to the desired angle. You can completely block out the outside or allow light or air current to enter at a specific angle. Keeping the window closed while opening the slats lets you prevent unwanted breezes while brightening your room.

High Durability

Plantation shutters are designed to withstand the weather conditions and climate of the Central Coast area. Units are easy to clean and maintain and can last many years with proper care.

Easy Customisation

Like our curtains and blinds in Central Coast, you can get plantation shutters to fit any window size or shape. At Emporium, we can adapt your units to curved windows, bay windows, and sliding doors.

Enhanced Privacy

Enhanced privacy is another significant benefit of plantation shutters. You can open and close them, balancing your various needs, depending on the situation. Close the louvres to stop people from peering inside your home, or open them to let the full glory of the day inside.

Easy To Use

Plantation shutters are also easy to use compared to some window coverings. Unlike heavy curtains, they swing open on hinges, making them easy to open by young children, the elderly or those with reduced strength. And unlike some blind designs, they don’t require hoisting the louvres out of the way. Simply open them from the inside without needing force or effort (or the tangling of cords and pulleys).

Easy To Clean

Plantation shutters in Central Coast are also easy to clean. Unlike some other window covering options, you don’t need to take them down to wash them.

We recommend using a feather duster to remove dust periodically. You can also wipe down slats once a week with a damp cloth. Any residues should come right off. Get Plantation Shutters With Curtains From Emporium

Emporium sells a range of plantation shutters with stunning finishes to people living on the Central Coast and the surrounding area. Our team consults with you on the perfect solutions for your rooms, enabling you to take advantage of all the benefits described above, including lowering your energy bills.