Popular and Convenient

For many, vertical blinds are the go-to window covering solution because they are easy to operate, washable and versatile.

The vertical strips (called vanes) may be partially open to filter sunlight and glare, fully open or fully closed. When the vanes are pulled to the side for complete opening, they stack neatly and unobtrusively.

So Many Fabrics to Choose From

Emporium Vertical Blinds come in an extensive range of fabric, colours and textures. Blockout backing offers protection from UV rays and effective temperature control inside the room. Control the comfort of your home and have it looking stylish at the same time.

Vertical Blind technology has come a long way, with sturdy headrails, operating mechanisms and inbuilt weights to keep the blinds in place.


Browse through our brochure to view this exciting mix of beautiful colourways, modern patterns, metallic designs and luxury laminates.

Perfect for Wide Openings

Sliding patio doors, wider than average windows and internal openings are ideal for vertical blinds which provide excellent coverage of wider spaces,. The visual effect is neat and tidy,  making windows seem larger and sitting flush against windows when in the closed position. Vanes can be made to any length and width to suit any dimensions.

Innovative Vertical Blinds:

  • Filter light, reduce glare and help to protect furniture and plants all year round
  • Offer a huge range of fabric, texture and colour options
  • Mean a lot less dusting because there are no horizontal surfaces
  • Are affordable and long-lasting
  • Suit homes, workplaces, factories and public buildings