Perforated Aluminium Window Screens and Doors

Aluminium Perforated Mesh System

Innovative and Secure

The Perforated Aluminium mesh system is corrosion-resistant, providing security strength and durability.
Made of 1.6mm thick aluminium mesh that is perforated and tested to Australian Standard AS5039. Suitable for both commercial and residential applications, Perforated Aluminium mesh can be powder-coated in a variety of colours.

Innovative Perforated Aluminium Window Screens and Doors:

  • Compliant with Australian Standards AS5039
  • 1.6mm thick aluminium mesh is corrosion resistant, durable and requires minimal maintenance
  • Unobstructed visual access ensures an aesthetically pleasing result
  • Variety of frame finishes to match your décor
  • Suitable for commercial and residential applications

Security with Longevity Assurance

Perforated Aluminium window grilles, hinged and sliding security doors meet Australian Standard AS5039, boasting a 3-point locking system. Regular maintenance with “PowaWash” ensures compliance with the 6-year warranty, guarding against contaminants. The warranty, applicable for 6 years from installation, is subject to care guidelines. The Perforated Aluminium range includes versatile security solutions such as privacy screens, patio enclosures, decorative wall panels, and sunscreens.