Heavy DVA Mesh Window Screens and Doors

Why Choose Heavy DVA Mesh?

  • Compliant With Australia standards AS5039 and AS5041
  • Restricted vision for privacy
  • Excellent airflow and ventilation
  • Insect and vermin resistant
  • Resistant to damage caused by household pets
  • Easy to clean and maintain – corrosion resistant
  • Affordable security system fry your home
  • Easy to fabricate and install

Versatile Security Excellence

Explore the extensive applications of Heavy DVA Mesh systems, including hinged security doors, sliding security doors, security window screens, patio enclosures, privacy screens, decorative wall panels, and sunscreens. These systems are rigorously tested and fully compliant with Australian standards AS5039 and AS5041, passing dynamic impact, pull, jimmy, knife shear, and probe tests with excellence, ensuring robust security across various applications.

Security and Durability

Discover the standout features of HDVA Security, including its low-maintenance design that requires regular cleaning with a soft brush or non-abrasive cloth. The system’s durability is highlighted by its resistance to abrasive cleaners, ensuring surface integrity. Cleaning intervals are recommended every three months, with increased frequency in industrial or coastal areas. Additionally, enjoy the peace of mind provided by a 12-month film integrity warranty, underlining HDVA’s commitment to quality and adherence to Australian Standards AS5039 and AS5041.