Fly Screen Window Screens and Doors

Quality Insect Screening

Cyclone insect screening has developed an excellent reputation over many years for high quality materials, durable performance and exceptional standards of workmanship.

This impressive range features an extensive array of quality insect screening varieties to suit all kinds of different applications. Choose from a wide selection of fabric types which include Fibreglass, Miniweave, Duraview, Pet Mesh and Enclosure Plus as well as an excellent choice of metallic options which feature Aluminium, Tufflite, Tuffscreen, Stainless Steel and Bronze.

Rigid Spline

Fitting insect screening to security door frames, security window frames and large enclosures.

  • Premium quality rigid spline
  • Profiled “feet” firmly hold the insect screening to the side walls of the extrusion
  • Unique shape prevents the rigid spline from rolling out of the spline groove (channel)
  • Excellent qualities of durability and performance
  • Rigid PVC material allows the product to be easily knocked into the spline groove with a mallet and timber or nylon block
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Convenient 3 metre lengths are ideal for screening large areas
  • Ideal for fitting Cyclone Enclosure Plus insect screening
  • Also suits other fabric based insect screening products

Bulk Foam Spline

Fitting insect screening to windows or doors.

  • Designed to securely fit insect screening to door or window frames
  • Excellent compression characteristics allows easier installation
  • Flexible for easier insertion into the spline groove
  • Easy to manoeuvre around the corners of the frame
  • Maintains its product form in a variety of weather conditions
  • UV stabilised for increased longevity
  • Impermeable to water