Elevate Your Space: Mixing Plantation Shutters with Curtains for Style and Privacy

plantation shutters

Plantation shutters with curtains are ideal for keeping out the heat (or cold) while still allowing ventilation and a great view. While they look fantastic on their own, plantation shutters are also perfect for combining with other window dressings. Mixing them with blinds or curtains will allow you to get the best of both worlds, ensuring you have privacy but still giving you airflow through your home. At Emporium, our high-quality blinds and shutters near Erina are a wonderful complement to our shutters.

If you want to elevate the space in your home mixing plantation shutters with curtains is a creative way to do it. You can also consider combining shutters with blinds and other window dressings.

The Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have a number of excellent benefits. They are recognisable for their tilted louvres, similar to some styles of blinds. Fitted to window frames, they can be opened out whenever you want to. With plantation shutters, you can control the amount of light, heat, air, and even noise that comes into your home. They come in a range of styles and materials, so you can choose beautiful shutters that look good in any room. Plantation shutters can give you a traditional look or you can choose a more contemporary style.

Plantation shutters can be made using several materials, including wood, MDF, and vinyl. Wood is the preferred option for many people due to its enduring style and its longevity. Plantation shutters are easy to clean and they can be found in multiple colours too, so you can find shutters that match the style of any room in your home.

The Benefits of Curtains

Curtains have their uses and benefits too. When you hang curtains, they can also be used to control light and heat. Drawing your curtains helps to block out light from outside and it can deliver thermal and insulating properties too. Curtains are also great for improving privacy. Not only can you block out the outside world if you need to, but you can prevent others from seeing into your home too. Curtains come in different weights and thicknesses, so you can choose a set that has the properties you’re looking for.

How to Mix Curtains with Plantation Shutters

Combining curtains and plantation shutters can be something of an art. By combining them, you get the benefits of both. You have more control over light, ventilation, privacy, and more. But you might also wonder whether putting the two together could be too much. You can make your space look stylish with the right combination, but it’s definitely a good idea to choose wisely.

Pick your shutters first

It’s a good idea to start with choosing your shutters if you want to pair them with curtains. Installing shutters first without having to go around curtain poles or even curtains that are already hanging will definitely be easier. You will immediately bring the benefits of shutters to your home and you’ll be able to place your curtain pole in the best position too.

Consider colour combinations

Think about what colours could go together if you’re going to choose both shutters and curtains. If you want to keep it really simple, going with white or cream for both your shutters and blinds is about as simple as you can get. It creates a fresh and breezy look, and you don’t have to worry about clashing colours. Other colour-matching options could work too if you don’t think using the same colour for both shutters and curtains will be too overwhelming.

If you’re going with natural wood for your shutters, think about which colours might coordinate with them. This can depend on the shade of wood you choose and whether you want the shutters or curtains to stand out more. Choose a darker colour for your shutters if you want them to stand out against the curtains.

Look at curtain styles and patterns

Curtains are available in a huge range of patterns and styles. One of their benefits is that they’re likely to be drawn back during the day. So you don’t have to worry too much about them dominating the room. You can choose a colour or pattern that will stand out if you want to, or go for something more subtle.

Explore other window dressings when you’re looking at shutters and curtains too. Panel blinds or timber Venetian blinds are just two other options you might consider. Visit Emporium Blinds for shutters, blinds, curtains, awnings, and screen doors on the Central Coast.