Is it time to replace your old blinds?


Most blinds have a shelf life of around seven or eight years. If your window treatments are looking a little old or dated, it might be time for an upgrade.

Blinds, curtains, shutters, and other window treatments can really make or break an interior. On top of that, new and modern fittings can improve insulation, which is great for temperature and noise regulation.

If you’ve started to notice these issues, your blinds might not be performing their best or looking their best.

1. Warped and misshapen slats

Exposure to certain climates, especially the heat and humidity we have here on the Central Coast, can damage slatted blinds over time. Heat can warp faux wood blinds overtime, while humidity can swell and warp wooden blinds. Playful kids and pets can damage aluminium blinds, which can be prone to getting out of shape. When your slats become warped and bent they don’t close properly which is unsightly and means they don’t offer the protection they are designed for.

2. It’s hard or impossible to raise or lower your blinds

Blinds should raise with little effort. If your blinds require a lot of force to raise or don’t raise all the way up, it could be for one of two reasons. Your listing mechanism could be damaged or on the verge of breaking. Or, your blinds may have been fitted poorly to begin with. Hard to lift blinds can be a sign that the blinds may be too wide or too heavy for the cords and lifting mechanism to support. In both cases, avoid the temptation to force your blinds up. Doing so can be a safety hazard: too much force could cause your blinds to come loose from the window and fall.

3. Frayed cords

Are your cords frayed? It’s time replace your blinds. Frayed cords are an indication that your blinds are so old and worn that they need to be replaced. Your cords might also be being frayed by the lifting mechanism itself, which again means it’s high time to get a new set.

4. They aren’t closing properly or covering your whole window area

Take a good look at your blinds when they’re fully closed during a time of day when the sun or light is streaming in. Are there any gaps? If so, it means your blinds are ill-fitted or have just gotten old. If your blinds are not doing what they are supposed to anymore it’s probably time to replace them.

5. You have new members of the household

Certain blind types can present a safety hazard for small kids or pets – especially those with hanging cords. If you have safety concerns about your blinds, get in touch with one of our experts for advice on the best window treatment option to child-proof your home.

Choosing a high-quality blind that suits your needs, fits your interior design, and is installed by experienced professionals is the best way to get the maximum shelf-life from your window treatment. If it’s time for an upgrade, get in touch with one of our team to discuss your options.