Get your window furnishings ready for summer

Summer Clean Blinds

It’s summer: time for parties, guests and overnight visitors! You may have remembered to clean your windows and dust your window sills, but what about your window furnishings?

Give them a workout
Did you have your blinds up or down during winter? Were your shutters open or closed? When did you last use your awning?

Some of these fixtures won’t have been used much in the past few months and might be in need of a workout. So open and close, extend and retract – and see if it’s time for maintenance, replacement or upgrade.

We all like to get fitter for summer. Don’t neglect your home.

Getting ready to sell?
On the Central Coast, selling homes in summer makes sense, especially when we are selling a lifestyle by the coast, rivers or among the trees to holidaymakers and retirees.

Window fixtures and furnishings (blinds, awnings, shutters, curtains) need to be clean and working well to enhance the space, especially as these things usually come with the property.

Individual treatment
Depending on the materials, style and age of your window furnishings, there are different ways to tackle cleaning and maintenance.

Simple cleaning
Dusting blinds, lightly vacuuming and removing handprints and scuff marks are easy jobs and really freshen up the look of the room. Emporium Blinds can advise you on the best, easy-to-obtain cleaning products to use for this job.

Shutters are easy to dust or wipe, with a damp microfibre cloth on blades and frames. Use an unused toothbrush to reach the corners.

Fabric Wear and Tear
Blinds and awnings that are exposed to the heat may need more frequent attention. Hot and cold extremes can have a damaging effect (on everything) and lead to the weakening of the fabric.

Fabric is easily replaced but sometimes it is just more economical to purchase a new blind or awning, especially if your existing blind is more than eight years old.

Dust, mould and mildew
Awnings and external blinds that have been rolled up or retracted for a while could have collected moisture with no way of drying out. Stored moisture will cause staining, fabric weakening and mildew spores. Using a soft brush and pan fully extend the blind or awning and remove dust and cobwebs.

Bits and bobs
My children used to steal the weights for my vertical blinds for games. Where have yours gone? Speak to Emporium Blinds about new hooks and weights and realign those verticals for a cleaner look.

Give curtain tracks a dust or vacuum. If you use a curtain rod or pole that’s looking a bit worse for wear, a new one will give your curtains a boost.

Similarly, replacement hooks can be matched to your existing ones if you unhook one, bring it to our showroom or even send us a photo with the number of hooks you need.

Come and see us

Speak to Emporium Blinds with questions and ideas or visit our showroom in Charmhaven. You’ll see new window solutions that may not have existed the last time you looked, just perfect for your home.