Wave Fold Curtains

Streamlined and Unforgettable

Neat and simple folds characterise this new favourite, sometimes called an S fold or Ripplefold heading. With special track and heading tape, this style shapes into a very contemporary feature in any room.

Suiting a variety of fabric weights, the Wave Fold achieves deceptively simple soft vertical waves.

Soft and Harmonious

Wave fold curtains offer a fulsome, symmetrical effect that complements any room. Hung with extra carriers to maintain the signature shape, they require more room for stacking than some other styles.

The Wave Fold track should be longer than the width of your window to enable the fabric to sit off the glass. This maximises the light flow into the room.

Beautiful Wave Fold Curtains:

  • Offer a symmetrical vertical fold instead of gathers or pleats.
  • Complement your room with visible stacking to frame any window.
  • Dress windows with effective light and temperature control.
  • Suit a wide range of fabrics and tracks.
  • Provide a soft, warm ambience with their fullness and streamlined form.