Contemporary Look

Sheer curtains are timeless and elegant, complementing classic interiors as well as modern designs. Emporium offers you a wide range of different styles, sizes, and colours.
They vary from simple and unfussy for a modern look, to a lacier effect that fits well with traditional interiors. They also complement other window dressing such as blinds or heavier drapes.
There are so many effects available with white, colours, shimmers, textured patterns and even themed designs for kids’ rooms.

Romantic and Light

Sheer or voile curtains are lightweight, diffusing sunlight in your room while providing an effective privacy screen. They are versatile and easy to hang, holding their folds without creases to become a key design element in your soft furnishings.

Hem Options:

Much like your choice of Header, Hems effect the feel of the Curtain.

The traditional Folded Hem frames the bottom of the curtain giving it a finished feel.

The weighted base is only available in sheers.

It gives a simple finish to a soft flowy sheer.

These Hem options can be made to height just under the window, just above floor height or made to pool elegantly on the floor.