Contemporary Look

Lace curtains (white or cream) come in a huge range of styles depending on the style and lace pattern. They are versatile and match almost any interior design scheme.

Laced curtains are ideal for bright and airy spaces like kitchens and sitting rooms where you want natural light in but glare out.

They are an attractive barrier avoiding the sun’s harsh light fading your furniture and making screens hard to see, while enabling you to see clearly outside.

Measure to Match

Reliable measurements are an essential part of window dressing success. Get Emporium’s free professional measure and quote rather than ‘guessing’ the exact size of the space. Measurement also allows for the right fall of the fabric to achieve the look you want.

Beautiful Lace Curtains:

  • Look fabulous while being easy to hang and maintain
  • Match any style of room decor: formal or informal
  • Fall naturally without creasing
  • Suit any style of lace
  • Accessorise with different styles of curtain rod or pole