Style from Top to Bottom

Curtains perform key functions in any room, with owners choosing their curtains based on their taste, decor, purpose, budget and style of window. Choosing the right curtain heading is just as important as the curtain itself. The properties of the chosen fabric also influence the way a curtain sits. The fabric and the position in the room will help to determine the best heading to select.

Emporium offers a wide range of curtain headings to match any fabric, purpose, room and budget.

Folds, Pleats and Waves

The favourite curtain heading at the moment is the Wave Fold (or S Fold) style which creates a gentle and harmonious soft fall in any curtain fabric.

Pleats create distinctive effects to complement soft furnishings, decor and furniture. The pleat styles achieve rounded gentle folds or strong vertical lines. Some pleating is designed to sit flat while others project forward and create a more defined, formal finish.

Rod pocket style (also known as Cased Heading) is the choice for curtains that are pushed aside but hardly ever opened, such as a sheer curtain behind heavier stacked drapes. They work well where curtains are more static such as formal living spaces or bathrooms.

Emporium consultants can show you samples of Wave fold, Pinch Pleat, Pencil Pleat, Knife Pleat and Box Pleat, and help you consider which best suits your needs.

Things to consider when choosing Curtain Heading:

  • Which is best for Light control. Should you have overlap arms or returns.
  • Which curtain header suits your fabric choice best.
  • How will your sheer curtain header coordinate with your lining or block out drape header.
  • Functionality, do the curtains need to be opened and closed. One way, Centre open, Hand or cord drawn.
  • Conceal the curtain rod for a very tidy finish or drop below to expose decorative tracks.
  • Which header represents your desired style. Modern or a classic style.