Choosing colours for blinds, awnings, shutters, and curtains: How to choose the perfect window colour scheme to compliment your home

Basswood shutters

Which colour you choose for your new window treatment will depend on the overall style you’re after, and the current look of your house.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, there are a few points to consider to make your decision easier.

Here is our checklist of colour considerations when updating your window treatments.

Is your home traditional? Or modern?

Traditional looking homes usually suit natural wooden frames or neutral colour palettes of creams and beiges. If your home is more modern, darker window frames work well and are currently on-trend. Darker window frames and treatments contrast with light and minimalist exteriors and blend in with contemporary rendered homes. Both approaches look fantastic.

Think about texture

If your home is rendered, almost all window treatments look great – it’s really just about the style you want to project. Natural and wooden shutters will tone down the minimalism of a rendered home, while aluminium and PVC materials will blend in to give your whole property a contemporary feel. If your home is weatherboard, choosing the right texture that won’t clash with the exterior is important. One way to blend weatherboard with wooden shutters is to keep everything the same colour. Alternatively, you can add softness to your gorgeous coastal weatherboard property with stylish fabric blinds and curtains. A pop of colour or daring print can really add an element of ‘wow’ to the classic beachside weatherboard.

Do you want your blinds, shutters and curtains to contrast?

Choosing a contrasting colour for your blinds, awnings, shutters, or curtains will make your windows a feature point of your whole interior. If you prefer a muted or classic look, choose colours and hues that are already similar to those present in your home.

Think about the exterior, too.

When choosing indoor window furnishings like curtains, it can be tempting to focus on the interior colour scheme. But remember, curtains are visible from the outside of your property too. When you have a moment, take a walk around the exterior of your house and come in and out of the open doors to get a feel of the aesthetic from all angles. Take a few pictures on your phone of your windows from many perspectives to give yourself inspiration. You never know what great design idea might appear when you least expect it!

Whether you’re building, renovating, or just considering an update to your windows, figuring out the ideal colour scheme should be a main priority. Still stuck? Drop into our showroom to see for yourself the range of textures, colours, and fabrics we offer. Our friendly team know what works with our range and are well-versed to bring out the best look for your Central Coast home.