Elegant Fusion – Veri Shades Overview

Veri Shades uniquely blends the elegance of curtains with the practicality of blinds. Their distinctive design features alternating sheer and opaque fabric panels, offering seamless light control and privacy. Easy to operate and maintain, Veri Shades are a child-safe and pet-friendly choice, ensuring peace of mind with no cords or chains. They represent the perfect balance of style and functionality for modern living spaces.


Tailored Style – Design and Customisation

Veri Shades come in a variety of fabric choices, including options for UV protection and fire retardancy, catering to diverse needs and preferences. A wide colour palette is available, from subtle neutrals to vibrant tones, ensuring a perfect match for any interior design. The sleek track designs not only complement the aesthetics but also ensure smooth operation, adding to the overall sophisticated look of your space.

Practical Elegance – Specifications

These shades can extend up to 6 meters in width and are operated by a simple wand mechanism. Customers praise Veri Shades for their ease of maintenance, versatility in light control, and the elegance they add to any room. Contact us for more information or to receive a personalised consultation and quote.

For detailed information, please refer to the official Veri Shades website.