What to Look for in Outdoor Awnings

Outdoor Awnings

The right awnings can improve your home’s efficiency, keep you cool in summer and create a shady outdoor area.

Springtime is well and truly here and it’s starting to warm up on the Central Coast. If you’re thinking about giving your home an upgrade to prepare for summer, outdoor awnings are a great investment.

Quality awnings efficiently cool your home which can reduce your energy consumption. They will also protect the exterior of your Central Coast home from the elements. Depending on the style of awning you choose, you can also shade an area of your patio or an entrance.

If you’re in the market for awnings but not sure which style to choose, this article is for you. We have a range of awning styles that can all be customised to your needs. But first, you need to decide on aesthetics and function.

Decide on a fixed, manual or automatic mechanism

Fixed awnings like fixed-frame or bullnosed window awnings are a classic choice. They are typically placed over doors and windows and act like an additional little roof to protect entrances and patios from the sun and rain.

Automatic awnings are ideal to provide protection in high winds – when they automatically retract.

Many awning styles, for example, our innovative Ziptrack awnings come with both manual or automatic mechanisms. You can choose which suits you best.

Material and fabric choice is key

Hard awnings like fixed-frame usually come in hard materials like aluminium or polycarbonate.

On the other hand, fabric awnings soften the exterior look of a home and operate, more or less, like blinds. They are versatile and can provide full protection from the elements when installed on a veranda and rolled all the way down. Fabric choice will change both the look and function of your awnings. Classic canvas gives a natural, traditional look but are opaque. If you want a contemporary approach, we have a range of fabrics that offer privacy, visibility, and UV protection.

If you want the best of both worlds: folding arm awnings use fabric as the main shade material and can be retracted. However, when completely extended they provide additional shade to the outdoor area of your choice.

Consider colour

Your choice of colour can make a statement and provide the perfect finishing touch to your home exterior. Striped awnings are a popular, eye-catching choice. Or, create a streamlined look by coordinating the colour of your awnings to the exterior of your home.

When thinking about design, remember that the colour of the awning will impact the heat and glare. Darker colours are best for reducing glare and lighter colours are better for heat control.

Whichever style you decide on, awnings are the best investment to give your home a refresh in preparation for summer. Get in touch with one of our team for a free quote or come down to the Covid-safe showroom to check out fabric and colour options in person.