Six Benefits of Using Sheer Curtains in Your Living Space

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains add a certain and distinct ambience to any room. Particularly in the hot, balmy Central Coast region, having quality window furnishings can make a world of difference to a space. Made from quality materials and adding some strong, dramatic, and theatrical vibes to a home’s living space, right through to achieving a strong homely feel and assisting to maintain privacy from the peering eyes of the outside world, sheer curtains are a durable, versatile product, with many benefits.

Sheer curtains are also frequently installed by people who are looking for a way to take advantage of natural light, but who also want a classy, feminine look for their interior space are using beautiful sheer curtains to create such effects throughout their homes.

With popularity of these curtains increasing, thanks to their more frequent use by stylists, designers, and homemakers alike, we take a look at the benefits of choosing sheer curtains in your living space. Here are our top six!

1. Transition Between Inside and Outside

Sheer curtains provide a natural transition between inside and outside areas, which is especially useful in homes in warm regions like the Central Coast. A sheer curtain provides a frame for the window space but allows people who are inside to easily see outside and feel like a part of the outside space.

2. Create a Movement in the Room

Sometimes, a room can feel quite stark and clinical without a touch of movement. This is particularly true of large expanses of tiled floors, which are extremely popular in living spaces, especially those that lead to an outside entertaining area. Sheer curtains provide a softening effect and will move gently in the breeze, creating a slight movement that provides a homely ambience.

3. Best Use Available Natural Light

In Australia, it is great to be able to take advantage of the abundance of sunshine and natural light when decorating any living space. Sheer curtains provide a softening of harsh sunlight but still allow plenty of light into the room, unlike solid curtains which may block too much light, making a room feel dark and unwelcoming. Sheer curtains let in the light. You can have white or clear sheer curtains, or you can allow coloured light into your room by choosing a fabric in a soft colour.

4. The Ultimate Window Protection

Beautiful sheer curtains can provide a practical function in your household. As well as looking pretty, sheer curtains can create a semblance of a barrier, protecting your windows from pets pressing up against the windows or the numerous fingerprints from children doing the same. Sheer curtains can protect a room from outside dust and dirt coming into the home too. Insects see a sheer curtain as a barrier and do not tend to fly into windows with a sheer curtain.

5. Add Height to the Room

Putting sheer curtains that flow from the top of the window frame to just above the floor adds the illusion of additional height in the room. This is a decorating tip interior decorators use to create a more spacious feeling in a small room. Even if the room is quite large, such as an open plan living space that blends into the outside living space, adding sheer curtains can provide a sensation of an even larger space.

6. Beautify Your Space

Finally, sheer curtains simply look lovely. There are so many extremely pretty styles of sheer curtains that will add beauty to any room in the house. A coloured sheer curtain can add a touch of colour to a room, but a patterned curtain can also be used as an artistic feature in the room. Sheer curtains, no matter what fabric, style, pattern, or colour you use will always add a beautiful ambience to the room.

Sheer curtains are definitely more than just an interesting décor choice. In our sunny climate, Australian’s love to live between the indoors and outdoors and sheer curtains allow the outside feel to the inside space, while also keeping out the nasties like flies and insects. Using sheer curtains provides a practical and pretty way to frame the window, provide height and allow the natural sunlight into your home.

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