Curves and Rakes

Whether your shutter is an Arch, Triangle, Porthole, raked top or just an odd shape, Emporium can help you understand how a shaped shutter could work for you.

No need to put a blind on the wall above your odd, shaped window. You can have a truly custom finish with a shaped shutter.

With a wide range of colours, profiles and frames, we can create a custom solution that looks stunning.

Contemporary and custom Look

Shaped shutters are made from sustainably sourced basswood. A firm smooth timber that does not warp, shapes easily and lasts well in our harsh Australian conditions.

A consultant will help you understand your window needs. Nothing is impossible.

Shaped Plantation Shutters:

  • Feature blades of different sizes to suit the profile of your home
  • Fit any window with Emporium’s custom measure and manufacture
  • Solve the problem of a difficult shaped window
  • Look custom and sensational
  • Add value to your home and enhance your lifestyle
  • Help you control the amount of light, heat, air and noise that enters the room