Choosing The Right Outdoor Blinds For Your Space


There is no better time in Australia, particularly on the New South Wales-Central Coast than Summer! With bright sunshine and stunningly warm weather that is perfect for all sorts of outdoor-related activities such as spending afternoons beside the pool or at the beach, it is also the perfect time of year to make use of your outdoor area. However, despite Australia’s embracing outdoor entertaining perhaps more than any other country, with the majority of Australian homes having a dedicated outdoor space, many homeowners overlook the window furnishing and sun protection side to their investment. Rather than sweating through the heat during an evening BBQ or reading a book in a lounge in that is fraying due to direct heat disintegrating your furniture, it is important to consider the options available to protect your outdoor space and acknowledge that outdoor areas can be enhanced greatly by selecting the right outdoor blinds and awnings.

We take a look at the main reasons why choosing the right outdoor blinds can not only enable you to get the most out of your outdoor area but can assist you to entertain not just over summer but year-round.

Why install outdoor blinds and awnings?

For the vast majority of our clients, having an outdoor area isn’t a luxury, it is more a necessity. An extra room of the home where you can sit, relax, entertain, and enjoy. Due to the necessity associated with such an area, it is essential that homeowners consider all options available when it comes to the installation of outdoor blinds, outdoor awnings, and outdoor shutters. Whilst this is most effective during the planning stages of outdoor space, selecting the perfect outdoor blinds and awnings for your home can certainly be done at any time.

Installation of the right outdoor blinds and outdoor awnings is paramount to the continued enjoyment of your space. Shutters on the Central Coast, as well as outdoor blinds and awnings for example, assist in protecting your area from the intense summer heat, keeping you cool this Summer and ensuring you can sit and enjoy your area at any time of the day or night. They also assist in protecting damage to your outdoor furniture, such as your tables, chairs and cushions which can experience fading due to sunlight, with plastics and timber also becoming fragile and susceptible to breakage once exposed to the heat and sunshine for prolonged periods of time.

How do I choose the right outdoor blinds for my outdoor area?

Selecting the right outdoor awnings or even shutters for your outdoor area requires careful consideration of how you use or intend to use the space. Some of the most important factors to consider include;

  • What is going to look the best and really add comfort, style, and practicality to your space? Consider the rest of your home and select products that are in keeping with your internal blind and curtain selections.
  • Consider the times of the day you wish to use the space considering which outdoor blinds, awnings or shutters will enable your space to maintain a comfortable temperature, with the space not ever being too hot in summer or too cold in winter.
  • Your family dynamic. If you have children or pets, for example, you will want to ensure that your outdoor blinds and awnings are safe and secure, but also enable all members of your family to utilise the outdoor space.

If you are looking to block out the sun in a similar manner to an interior blackout curtain, also eliminating wind and other elements, to create a more enclosed space for example, you may be more inclined to consider something like an aluminium plantation shutter, which is both waterproof and moisture resistant. However, if you are looking for a less enclosed look that is aesthetically pleasing and not as restrictive a straight drop, folding arm or pivot arm awning may be the perfect solution, providing the best of both worlds.

As our climate becomes more and more unstable, with warmer Summers and colder Winters, now is the perfect time to consider installing outdoor blinds and awnings in your outdoor space to ensure you can utilise your investment year-round.

With a comprehensive range of outdoor blinds and awnings, backed by a highly experienced and knowledgeable design, supply and installation team, Emporium Blinds can certainly work with you to find the perfect outdoor blind solution. Servicing the Central Coast region and beyond, if you are looking for some assistance, contact us today!