Choosing the right fabric for your blinds

Panel Blind

Blinds are an important element in a home, as blinds offer a way to bring style and function to the home. Choosing the wrong type of fabric for blinds could leave you with a window covering that isn’t as stylish or functional as you were hoping for. In order to choose the right blind fabric, there are several questions you should consider.

How much light do you want to let in?

We all know how sunny it can get here on the Central Coast, and the type of blinds can affect your light levels. Shades and window blinds come in a variety of options when it comes to light control. In your bedroom, you may want blinds that won’t let the light disturb your sleep, involving thicker materials that will increase coverage. Whereas in the kitchen and living space you may want light blinds or curtains that will maximise the amount of natural light let into the space.

Slats or no Slats?

Choosing whether your blinds has slats or no slats affects the amount of light you want in the room. Venetian or vertical blinds, both with slats, work well to adjust the light level. Vertical blinds are especially appropriate when you have sliding doors that you need to access at will. All you need to do is to pull them back, and you can step outside. If, however, you want energy-efficient cellular blinds, the trim, tailored look of roller blinds or elegant Roman blinds, you won’t be able to adjust the level of sight or light with slats.
Cellular shades are your best bet if you need to up the level of your home’s insulation. These specially designed blinds have honeycomb cells embedded inside them, trapping air inside, slowing the air’s passage from the inside to the outside, or vice versa.

What about the function of your blinds?

What type of function do you want your blinds to provide? Certain fabrics, such as darker fabrics are an excellent choice for reducing glare but absorb more heat compared to lighter fabrics, so they wouldn’t be a good choice in a room you wish to keep cool. Lighter fabrics reflect more light, which is why they absorb less heat.

If you want more privacy in a room, then a tighter or closed fabric weave is the best choice. Whereas, open weave fabrics let you enjoy the beautiful surroundings and views while still filtering some of the light that could come glaring into your home at certain times of the day.

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