Blockout Curtains – The ultimate way to keep the costs down and the heat out!

Blockout curtains, also known as blackout curtains, thermal curtains, or thermal drapes, essentially assist in limiting the amount of light that enters the room when in use

The Australian summer, particularly on the Central Coast, sees temperatures reach well above 40 degrees at times, impacting upon comfort levels both inside and outside. Additionally, with the heat comes larger electricity bills and the like, due to increased usage of things like reconditioners to keep your home cool.

As a result, many Australia, and Central Coast homeowners are looking for window furnishing solutions that help to keep the costs down and the heat out with one of the most popular choices on the market currently, being blockout curtains.

We take a look at the many benefits of installing blockout curtains in your home.

What are blockout curtains?

Blockout curtains, also known as blackout curtains, thermal curtains, or thermal drapes, essentially assist in limiting the amount of light that enters the room when in use. When the curtains are open, the amount of light that enters the room is at the homeowners discretion, however when closed, the light is significantly reduced and can be quite minimal, hence the term ‘blockout’.

Blockout curtains certainly have a remarkable and quite interesting history, with the blinds first designed in the Second World War, where they were used successfully by the Allies, particularly during night-time raids. The blockout curtains were useful as the curtains eliminated the light emissions from homes, with the light seen as being detrimental to the war effort, having the ability to lead enemies to targets.

Today, whist not used as a war tool, blockout blinds have become a staple in many Australian households. With unique and attractive designs that complement home interiors, and with a wide variety of sizes, styles, and fabrics available, including both readymade and custom-made curtain options, you are bound to find a blockout curtain that compliments your space.

What are the benefits of Blockout curtains?

Homeowners that are looking to install blockout curtains, generally tend to want to take advantages of some of the many benefits that installing these types of curtains can bring to your home. The benefits of blockout curtains include;

  • Increased privacy – which the blockout nature of the curtains and the solid fabrics used, homeowners reap the benefit of controlling the privacy of their rooms. When the curtains are in use, the ability for anyone to peep into the room is essentially eliminated.
  • Control of light and glare – Sunlight protection – probably one of the biggest benefits, with light, glare and sunlight that enters the home reduced when in use, providing ultimate protection for furnishings and making the home significantly cooler during the wormer summer months.
  • Reduced energy costs – resulting from blocking out the heat and sunlight, which sees residents reducing usage of air-conditioning units which can increase electricity costs, particularly in Summer.
  • Eliminating winter drafts – with blockout curtains providing an additional barrier to the outside world, the curtains also assist in eliminating drafts which can cause colder air to enter the home, during the cooler winter months.
  • Greater sound control – if you have noisy neighbours, or live on a busy street, blockout curtains will assist in reducing the level of noise that enters the home through the windows, essentially blocking out the sound and minimising the noise level.
  • Cost Effective – with cost effective installation options available, in addition to the savings acquired through reduced energy costs, blockout curtains can actually save you money in the long run.
  • Design feature and ambiance – many people associate blockout curtains with boring dark curtains, however this is not the case. With many fabrics, sizes and designs available, blockout curtains can actually be a design feature of your home, complimenting your décor and adding to the overall ambiance of your space.

How to best utilise blockout curtains in your home?

Blockout curtains work most effectively when they are installed to cover the whole window, where they can easily be opened and closed.

Blockout curtains should be closed early on a hot day in order to provide maximum protection from the sunlight, which will subsequently keep your home cool. East facing windows in particular should be covered early on, first thing in the morning, whereas west facing windows should be covered prior to the afternoon sun.

In winder the opposite will see your blockout curtains most effective, in that by leaving open on the eastern windows for the morning but then closing in the afternoon your home will remain warm, taking advantage of the winter sun and eliminating any drafts, but also private and cosy.

As our climate becomes more and more unstable as a result of Climate Change, with warmer Summers and colder winters, there has never been a better time to consider blockout curtains for your home.

With a comprehensive range of blockout curtains available, in a variety of styles and fabrics, backed by a highly experienced and knowledgeable design, supply and installation team, Emporium Blinds can certainly work with you to find the perfect blockout curtains for your home. Servicing the Central Coast region and beyond, if you are looking for some assistance, contact us today!