News Flash: Summer temps no match for Emporium Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds - Beat The Heat

Beat The Heat with Blinds

In the face of multiple summer heatwaves, Emporium Blinds has encouraged Central Coast and Newcastle customers to look at the latest in window blinds technology in order to keep their houses cool in summer (and warm in winter).

According to Ruth Allen from Emporium Blinds, many people automatically reach for the air conditioner remote or switch on the ceiling fan without thinking about the more cost effective alternatives.

Well-fitted window blinds are designed specifically for temperature and light management, with a huge range of options to suit budget, decor and function.

Best of all,” said Ruth, “Blinds don’t add a cent to energy bills and they make air conditioners and fans more effective by retaining the cool air and not letting it escape out of an uncovered window.

“If you want to stay cool, the worst scenario is a room with no blinds, but having badly-fitting or flimsy blinds – no matter how pretty they look – won’t do the job either.”

Which blinds to choose?

One of the most popular choices for temperature management are Emporium’s gorgeous Honeycomb Blinds. (Sometimes called Cellular Blinds.)

“By creating horizontal pockets of air (cells) between the folds, Honeycomb Blinds trap hot air from outside before it reaches you,” explained Ruth. “In winter they trap the cold air coming through your windows instead of allowing it to chill the room”.

They also happen to look great!

Emporium Blinds offer many other styles of blinds, all professionally measured to perfectly fit your windows (unlike off-the-shelf blinds which may come close but still leave gaps).

Visit the Emporium showroom at Charmhaven and see for yourself or contact us to arrange an obligation-free measure and quote.

February is known as the hottest month of the year. Call today and get ready to beat the heat.