5 Signs Your Blinds Need Replacing


Window blinds are a vital part of any living space, but when is it the right time to replace them? Whether they’re difficult to use, make you house look dated or are downright dangerous, here are the top reasons to start looking at new blind fixtures. 

They have warped or bent slats

If your vertical or venetian blinds are as straight as a dog’s hind leg, then it’s probably a sign of damage from heat and/or humidity. Your blinds being bent out of shape not only doesn’t look great, but they also allow excess light in, reduce privacy and will present you from raising your blinds correctly. 

Yes, it is sometimes possible to replace just one or two slats, but the entire set has probably reached its expiry date and should be replaced. There are plenty of options available, and you’ll be amazed how a new set of blinds will transform your room. 

Your blinds are difficult to raise

Do you feel like you’ve been working out at the gym every time you try and raise your blinds? There are two main issues that could be causing this. 

Firstly, the lifting mechanism could be on its last legs. Secondly, it could be that your blinds were improperly manufactured or installed, with the apparatus not strong enough to support the weight of the blind. 

This is more than a hassle; it could actually pose a risk to your safety. The blinds are most likely seriously worn and could break and fall out of the window. 

Tough to raise blinds are a clear sign that is time for a replacement, then head to the gym for a workout instead!  

The slats are discoloured 

All blinds are affected by the elements over time, especially in Australia, where the sun hits harder than anywhere else. 

Not only do faded blinds look tired, but they provide less shade and privacy from the outdoors, and could even pose a risk to you and your family.  

By replacing your old, worn-out blinds with a fresh new set, your home will look fantastic and give you all the privacy you need. Newer technology offers more UV protection and allows your blinds to last longer, so you can rest assured that you’ll be satisfied by your new blinds for years to come. 

Your blinds aren’t safe for kids

Nothing is more important than the safety of your family and friends and sadly, older blinds didn’t have the same safety features as today’s offering and could pose a risk. 

Regulations have tightened over the years, and your current set of blinds – especially if there are exposed cords – may not provide the required protection. It is important that you have a chat with a blind and shutter specialist to ensure you have the most reliable and secure window coverings available. 

They’re out of style

If you’ve had the same blinds since you moved into your home, chances are that they are unfashionable and outdated. Styles are constantly evolving; technology improves and what looked great a decade ago is now tired and out of touch with the rest of your home. 

Updating your window shutters or blinds to the latest style is one of the easiest ways to radically improve the look and feel of your home. You’ll be amazed by the difference a new set of blinds can make to any living space. 

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